BLOXR® XPF® Radiation Protection Apparel

Introducing BLOXR® XPF® Technology

BLOXR® XPF® Radiation Protection Apparel is approximately 50% the weight of equivalent conventional lead garments without compromising on the level of protection provided.


Why Choose BLOXR® XPF® Technology

  • Features a patented, lightweight bi-layer constructed of barium sulphate and bismuth oxide
  • Provides 0.5mm Pb equivalent protection across the full kVp spectrum1
  • Provides protection against scatter radiation1
  • Approximately half the weight of traditional lead helping alleviate back pain and fatigue
  • Demonstrated to be flexible, strong and tear-resistant, withstanding over 1 million cycles of bending without cracking1 (you can even sit down while wearing an XPF® garment)
  • Durable construction allows garments to be cleaned in washing machines
  • Nontoxic garments (free of lead and other heavy metals) can be disposed with normal rubbish without special consideration making it environmentally friendly
  • Available in a full range of garment types & sizes and colours
  • Accepted on the TGA (AUST 276102) & WAND registers
  • Three year warranty


Clinical Evidence

An independently-conducted randomized, prospectively-controlled clinical study shows that XPF® thyroid collars transmit 18% lower dose than 0.5mm Pb equivalent collars.2 Not only does XPF® Technology provide greater overall dose reduction, but it also eliminates the more harmful sub-40 keV spectrum and is more comfortable and crack-resistant than other alternatives. Numerous other studies have also validated the performance benefits of XPF® Technology in reducing scatter in actual clinical practice.3,4,5

The transmitted spectra profiles across the energy range is shown for typical lead-based, conventional Lead-Fee and XPF® BiLayer Technology products in the following graphs.1


1 Data on file, BLOXR Solutions LLC. 2 Uthoff, H. et al. ”Lightweight Bilayer Barium Sulfate–Bismuth Oxide Composite Thyroid Collars for Superior Radiation Protection in Fluoroscopy-guided Interventions: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial.” Radiology, doi: 10.1148/radiol.13122834, Oct. 2013. 3 Mayekar, E et al. ”Radiation Exposure To The Orthopaedic Surgeon and Efficacy of a Novel Radiation Attenuation Product.” Southern Orthopaedic Soc. June, 2014. 4 Reeves, R. et al. “Brain Radiation Exposure and Attenuation During Invasive Cardiology Procedures.” SCAI Annual Mtg, May 2014. 5 Weisz, G. et al. ”X-ray Radiation Protection With a Disposable XPF Cervical Collar – Comparison To a Lead-Based Collar.” ICI Mtg, Tel Aviv, Dec. 2013.

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