Advanced Cooling Therapy

A new approach to temperature management.

Esophageal Cooling Device by ACT

  • Lower Burden of Shivering1
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient Temperature Control
  • Warming and Cooling
  • Cost Effective

The Esophageal Cooling Device, developed by Advanced Cooling Therapy, brings a revolutionary approach to temperature management.

The ECD is designed to modulate and control patient temperature when clinically indicated through a single use, fully-enclosed triple lumen system that is inserted into the esophagus. Two lumens attach to existing temperature modulation equipment while a third lumen simultaneously allows gastric decompression and drainage.

The ECD can be rapidly inserted by most trained health care professionals, in similar fashion to an orogastric tube, and can be used to control patient temperature in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, or ICU.

No other product on the market is approved to use the esophageal environment for whole-body temperature modulation. Distilled water circulates within the ECD just like a water blanket.

Advanced Cooling Therapies



ecd01 ACT ECD02
Materials Medical-grade silicone Medical-grade silicone
Outside diameter 12.0 mm (0.47 in) 12.0 mm (0.47 in)
Inside diameter of gastric lumen 2.6 mm (.10 in) 2.6 mm (.10 in)
Length 758 mm (29.8 in) 758 mm (29.8 in)
Water volume 55 mL (1.9 fl oz.) 55 mL (1.9 fl oz.)
Maximum pressure 103 kPa (15 psi) 103 kPa (15 psi)
Temperature range 4°C to 42°C (39°F to 108°F) 4°C to 42°C (39°F to 108°F)


The ECD01 is intended to be used with the Gaymar Medi-Therm III Conductive Hyper/Hypothermia System.
The ECD02 is intended to be used with the Cincinnati SubZero Blanketrol II or III Hyper/Hypothermia System

Gaymar®, and Medi-Therm® are trademarks of Gaymar Industries, Inc. Cincinnati SubZero® and Blanketrol® are trademarks of Gentherm. The ECD01 and ECD02 are approved for sale in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. 1. Data on File.


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