Designed with the needs of the breast imaging radiologist in mind.

The SonoCiné technology is designed with the needs of the breast imaging radiologist in mind.

SonoCiné AWBUS was invented and engineered for the specific purpose of providing a time efficient, systematic, cost-effective examination for early detection of mammographically occult small breast cancers in women with dense-breast tissue and also in women with breast implants.

The SonoCiné AWBUS system is an accessory to ultrasound technology and is a computer controlled examination of the entire breast including the lower axillary lymph nodes. This means comprehensive “whole-breast” coverage and peace of mind for both the physician and patient.

SonoCiné AWBUS integrates with all standard B-Mode ultrasound systems and should configure easily into your existing ultrasound room. This gives the physician control and choice over the ultrasound system and image quality you prefer.

When you wish to upgrade to a new ultrasound system, AWBUS will configure to your new standard diagnostic ultrasound system of choice. When AWBUS is not in use, your room and ultrasound system are free for other procedures.

SonoCiné AWBUS uses a combination of a patented hydrogel nipple pad and camisole. The camisole provides comfort and privacy to the patient throughout the exam and the nipple pad helps avoid artefact.



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