Australian-owned Medical Distribution company with 40+ years’ of experience.

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Unique 1-stop-shop supply solution

Regional Health Care Group (RHCG) is an Australian-owned highly successful Medical Distribution company with 40 plus years’ of experience in servicing the needs of the Medical Industry, both private and public, in Australia. RHCG is highly regarded in all clinical settings as a provider of medical consumables, contrast media and quality capital equipment across Australia.

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“I reassure you that even under these extremely demanding circumstances, our business continues strongly & effectively.”

Stephen DooreyGeneral Manager

Latest Products

KA Imaging®
Reveal™enables bone and soft-tissue differentiation without motion artifacts in a single X-ray exposure.
trophon2 has an enhanced user experience for greater workflow efficiencies and traceability across the workflow for demonstrated compliance, to deliver consistent patient protection with every automated HLD cycle.
Osprey Medical®
The DyeVert™ PLUS EZ system has been shown to improve clinical outcomes by reducing AKI rates in high-risk patients.
SOZO® Digital Health Platform
SOZO uses ImpediMed’s BIS technology to measure and track critical information about the human body to aid clinicians in managing chronic disease and maximizing patient health.
QT Medical
PCA 500
The QT Medical PCA 500 is the World’s most compact 12-lead ECG

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We focus on service & innovation

Regional Health Care Group (RHCG) provides a unique 1-stop-shop supply solution for medical consumables, pharmaceuticals, radiology contrast and equipment in Australia. Our services are presently used by public and private hospitals, radiology super groups, medical groups and many stand-alone practices.

Supply Australia & New Zealand Wide

Some customers have replaced over 360 suppliers with our integrated, streamlined inventory solutions that encompass customised ordering for each site and a single national e-invoice per month for “head office”. RHCG focuses on service and innovation, with order fulfilment rates consistently approaching 100%. RHCG holds ISO 9001:2015 certified qualifications and various licenses for the supply of pharmaceuticals.

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