Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) Breast cancer treatment in as little as 1 day




IORT is a type of radiation therapy in which radiation is delivered at the time of surgery. During IORT, the entire dose of radiation may be delivered during a single, intraoperative fraction. A typical IORT treatment can be delivered in as little as 8 minutes, compared to the seven-week course of external beam therapy.

The Xoft® Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® utilizes a miniaturized high dose rate (HDR) X-ray source to apply radiation directly to the cancerous tumor bed. Unlike traditional high dose rate brachytherapy technologies, this ground-breaking form of brachytherapy does not require radioactive isotopes, heavy shielding or major capital equipment.

The Xoft® Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® combines the advantages of external radiation therapy — virtually the same amount of therapeutic dose delivered to the tumor site — with the advantages of standard brachytherapy and less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

Use of the Xoft® Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® is also indicated for the treatment of non -melanoma skin cancers as well as endometrial cancer.

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