World No. 1 in contrast media. 15 year market-leading partnership with RHCG.

Bracco is a worldwide integrated Healthcare Group that is a leader in diagnostic imaging. Bracco is present in more than 115 countries & currently employs more than 2,100 people worldwide, more than 300 of which are dedicated to research & development.

Bracco has enjoyed a 15 year partnership with RHCG, presenting products to the Australia & New Zealand marketplace including Isovue, Iomeron, ProHance & MultiHance.


Bracco remains a recognised leader in radiology & medical imaging. For over 40 years, Bracco has been the market leader in diagnostic imaging of the GI tract.

Bracco’s development resources are currently focused on growth in both CT & MR with emphasis on: Contrast agents for abdominal/pelvic studies in CT, multidetector CT (MDCT); innovative devices for delivery & management of injectable contrast; point-of-care diagnostic equipment.

Bracco technology includes:

  • EMPOWER™ power injector systems for CT
  • EMPOWER™ MRI™ power injection systems for MRI
  • PROTOCOL™ Automated CO2 insufflator for virtual colonoscopy
  • CO2EFFICIENT™ Automated CO2 insufflator for optical colonoscopy
  • BARIUM range for all radiology imaging



The ultimate contrast injector technology that combines visionary design with high-performance engineering puts you in control with touchscreen technology right at the patient’s side.

The EmpowerCTA®+ Contrast Injection System incorporates digital touch technology to increase user control and everyday efficiencies for use in state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) imaging.

Designed to put control at your fingertips, the ultimate contrast injector technology incorporates unique safety enhancements and added conveniences for a more streamlined workflow that address the needs of today’s most modern facilities, helping to deliver high-quality images



World’s first hydraulic-powered MR injector eliminates batteries and associated issues.

The EmpowerMR Contrast Injection System is a state-of-the-art integrated contrast injection system designed to meet the demands of today’s advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) procedures. MR conditional for use with 1.5T, 3T, and up to 7T scanners, EmpowerMR has kept pace with rapidly changing MR technology.

EmpowerMR was the first injector to employ hydraulics rather than an electric motor to power RAM’s. This innovative hydraulic power system virtually eliminates RF transients as well as concerns about artifacts due to RF frequency distortions. EmpowerMR also has a range of features to provide peace of mind and its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes operation amazingly simple.



PROTOCO2L™ – Automated CO2 Insufflator for Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy, or CT Colonography, is becoming increasingly accepted as a screening method for colorectal cancer. The American Cancer Society (ACS) has included Virtual Colonoscopy in its Guidelines on Screening and Surveillance for the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer and Adenomatous Polyps as an acceptable option for Colorectal Cancer Screening

The ACS lists CT Colonography as a recommended test for the detection of adenomatous polyps and cancer.

Optimal colonic distention is a critical requirement for obtaining an optimal Virtual Colonoscopy study

Advantages to Automated Insufflation with Carbon Dioxide using PROTOCO2L™ – Automated CO2 Insufflator

  • Patient Comfort: Carbon dioxide is more rapidly resorbed than room air and may improve patient comfort after completion of the examination.
  • Consistent Distension: Automated insufflation to a constant pressure takes the guesswork out of determining if the patient is adequately distended.

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